“The pool was completed and ready for swimming much quicker than we thought…”

Gayla & Brian Bagett                  Las Vegas, Nevada

When Gayla and Brian Baggett decided to install a swimming pool in their Summerlin home, they did extensive research regarding various pool materials and contractors. Ultimately, the couple decided that the ceramic epoxy pools sold by Renaissance Pools & Spas were superior to anything else on the market.

“We spent about a year-and-a-half doing research and almost bought a concrete pool, before choosing Renaissance pools,” said Gayla Baggett. “Once we heard about how concrete or gunite can be porous and create problems later on, we knew that a ceramic epoxy pool was the right choice for us. These pools are more durable, they do not allow any exchange between the water and the ground and they are very easy to maintain. In our case, the pool was completed and ready for swimming much quicker than we would have thought and the entire process went very smoothly. This was a great relief, considering how concrete pools can take months to install and require a series of different contractors coming in-and-out of your yard.” The services provided by Renaissance Pools & Spas were also appreciated by the Baggetts.

“Renaissance Pools did everything possible to ensure that we chose the right pool design and even brought out a stencil of the pool, so we could position it perfectly in our back yard,” Baggett said. “They also recommended a landscape contractor who did an outstanding job on the extra decking and other landscape features we wanted. It was a pleasant experience for us from start to finish, which we know is not always the case with swimming pool companies.”

Since having their pool completed, the Baggetts have especially enjoyed the ease of maintenance it offers. “It hardly requires cleaning and uses a small amount of chemicals to keep it sparkling and clear,” Baggett said. “We also have a number of time and money-saving accessories such as the solar heater, which keeps the water temperature comfortable, year-round, for a minimum of what gas heating would cost. “We are very pleased with our decision to purchase a pool from Renaissance pools & Spas,” Baggett added. “Based on our experience as pool owners, we would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for the highest level of beauty, durability, and convenience in a swimming pool.”

“The installation crew was very friendly and knowledgeable and they completed the process without any problems…”

Jim & Jan Olsen                  Las Vegas, Nevada

When Jim and Jan Olsen set out to buy their first in-ground swimming pool, they carefully researched a number of pool styles and companies. Upon making their comparisons, the couple chose to purchase a ceramic-epoxy pool by Renaissance Pools & Spas. “We first became familiarized with ceramic-epoxy, in-ground pools at a home show and we were very impressed by what we learned,” said Jim Olsen.

The ceramic-epoxy pools sold by Renaissance are far superior in strength and they are impermeable to leakage and substances that can destroy the finish of a gunite pool. The smooth finish makes cleaning and vacuuming far easier.” Jan Olsen said the fast installation time was another benefit of choosing a pool built by Renaissance Pools & Spas. “Our pool was completed in a timely manner and with a minimum of mess in our yard,” she said. “The installation crew was very friendly and knowledgeable and they completed the process without any problems.”

We absolutely love our Renaissance pool and certainly recommend Renaissance Pools & Spas to anyone seeking a high-quality pool, lower maintenance requirements and excellent service to back it up!”